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Monday, July 23, 2007



You are correct...it is an excavator! Alex would be proud! By the way..nice shot of hottie policeman! ;-)


I know the answer to your Snape question-he's really-I wouldn't do that. I actually lucked out and was able to buy my HP on Friday night at the local bookstore, at about 6:30 pm. Shame on him for selling early, but what are they going to do-not send him the next book. Also, on the HP topic, I paid $38 for mine, friend bought hers from WalMart for $20-the epilogue is missing. Ah, the buying power of WalMart.

Someone told me that children have not developed the eating patterns as adults have. You will find that Drew will eat alot about every three days. Of course that does not mean don't feed him, but they eat when they're hungry.


I love these pictures! Can you share? Like I keep saying, "If he's hungry, he will eat!"

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